Formosa Chinese Restaurant


Join us at Formosa and enjoy a thoughtfully prepared meal among family and friends. 

No Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) is used in our cooking, however some
pre-prepared items do contain MSG. 
  1. Spicy Chicken Dish
    Early Bird Spicy Chicken
    The Early Bird portion of Spicy Chicken and Vegetables with fried rice and a crab rangoon.
  2. Mongolian Beef
    Mongolian Beef
    Sliced beef with vegetables, tossed with scallions in a spicy brown sauce.
  3. Moo Goo Chicken
    Moo Goo Chicken
    Marinated chicken with vegetables sauteed in a light white sauce.
  4. Polynesian Chicken
    Polynesian Chicken
    Chicken with vegetables sauteed in a mild coconut and pineapple sauce.
  1. Exciting Menu Options
    Although we offer the dishes you expect to see on the menu at any Chinese restaurant, we also offer a complete, traditional menu with dishes you cannot get anywhere else in Fayetteville.
  2. Fast Delivery
    We deliver on regular business days from 11 AM to 9 PM.
  3. Friendly Service
    We are known for our friendly staff and family oriented environment. We encourage "family style" dining and offer tables that accommodate sharing.

Our dishes are made with authentic ingredients.

Call today to set up your reservation 479-571-8886.