Formosa Chinese Restaurant



Literally translated, Formosa means Taiwan, but it is also known to stand for Treasure Island. We chose this name for our restaurant not only to represent our heritage but also to share the beauty of our families dishes. 
Our Story
We are a local business with deep roots in the community.
Originally opened by Sue Mong and her son Ching (of Apple Blossom Brewery), Formosa has been passed down to Sue's nephew, Wei Wei Gan. This family loves serving the warm, rib sticking dishes so many have become accostommed to, but Wei also enjoys introducing locals to more traditional dishes. 

We appreciate the Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas communities for helping Formosa thrive as a business for so long. It is our joy to introduce the community to new, exciting dishes and traditions.
Our food is made with love. Each dish is treated as though it is being created for a beloved family member. Because we care about our customers like family, the only MSG found at Formosa is in the very few pre-prepared ingredients we use. We do not add MSG to any of our fresh dishes.